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We Care About Our
Sleep and Our Future. 

Hi everyone, we are 2 brothers who have set out on a mission to change the way we view and buy mattresses.

Why are we doing this? Just like everyone else, we went on a journey looking around for a suitable mattress. As young adults, we saw the need to take care of our well being and prioritised sleep the most. We spend nearly ⅓ of our lives sleeping, so shouldn’t we be “investing” in our health?



We went through the whole process of going down to malls and showrooms, testing hundreds of different mattresses.

We definitely want something comfortable and supportive without breaking the bank.

 All of us want the best of both worlds but it never happens.

Over the years, our experience of shopping for mattresses has led us to BELIEVE that the more expensive the mattress, the better it is.

 Sadly, this is TRUE. Despite years of searching, we failed to find a budget-friendly option that met and fulfilled our requirements.

 We decided to take matters into our own hands and started Snoorza.



We had 2 choices:

(1) Hurt our wallets to save our backs, or (2) hurt our backs to save our wallets. Not wanting to compromise, we did intensive research on mattresses to understand what contributes to a great mattress.

What SHOCKED us was brands that we identify as mattress industry leaders are ridiculously overpriced.

The consumers are largely at a disadvantage, getting minimum value for what they have paid for. We discussed and decided that it is essential for us to spread a little love and awareness with this newfound information for your benefit.


You can call us picky, but we wanted to find the best mattress for everyone. We designed our mattresses with premium materials that are comparable to industry leaders.

Snoorza’s construction methods and sleep technologies are found in many high-end mattresses — without the hefty middle-man commissions and retail markups.

All our efforts ensure that you can get an affordable, top-quality, supportive and comfortable mattress.

Good sleep has never been more accessible. Experience our mattresses for yourself in the comfort of your home with a free 60 nights trial!

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