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Alura Mattress

Alura Mattress

PriceFrom $495.00

Designed in Singapore, Alura is our premium range mattress that brings the ultimate comfort & support which caters to all types of sleepers. Snoorza has incorporated our latest sleeping technology, the mini pocket coils. It provides a soft bounce & comfort while the normal pocket spring creates a firm support overall to bring you the best of both worlds.

High Gram Weight Knitted Cover 

The high gram weight knitted fabric is made of eco friendly and antibacterial properties which relieves sensitive skin. It is soft to touch and provides the top with ultimate comfort.

Cooling glacier Memory Foam
Snoorza’s cooling glacier memory foam helps to mold an individual’s body providing pressure relief and the perfect temperature to stay cool all night.

Natural Latex Foam

Pressure relieving and responsive surface that provides appropriate support for your spine and confirms to body movement. Open cell foam allows for added breathability

Micro Pocket Spring

The technology provides the extra bouncy soft support before the main pocket spring layer for extra comfort

Transitional Cotton Felt
Environmentally friendly non-toxic cotton that helps to increase air permeability through the different layers

High Pocket Spring Encase
Our high pockect spring has 3 different zones providing full body support from head to toe. It allows air circulation preventing heat build-up while sleeping. The individual springs reduce partner disturbance and minimise motion transfer.

Base layer
The high-density doam gives an additional compression support to the above layers.

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